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 Map Options
Map Set Banana-Borli
(Reference Set)
Align Vertically
Maps 8
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 Feature Options
Highlight Features:
Feature Types:
Feature Ignore Display if
Always Display
Show Labels: None Landmarks All
Collapse Overlapping
No Yes
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 Correspondence Options
 Correspondence Options
Include Correspondence Types:
Evidence Ignore Use Less Than
Greater Than
Automated name-based
Aggregate Correspondences: No 1 Line 2 Lines
Correspondence lines drawn to: Feature Map
View Intra-Slot Correspondences: No yes
Aggregate evidence types separately: No yes
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Size of Dot Plot Pixels: 1
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Same Scale:
No Yes
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Menu Order of Comparative Maps: Predefined
Number of
Ignore Image Map
Sanity Check:
No Yes
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Map Details

Map Type: Genetic [ View Map Type Info ]
Map Set Name: Banana - Borli [ View Map Set Info ]
Map Name: 8
Map Start: 0.00 cM
Map Stop: 121.62 cM
Features by Type:
46 Marker
46 Total

Map Features

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Banana - Borli - 8
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Comparative Maps
Feature Type Position (cM) Map Feature Type Position Evidence Actions
298297 Marker 33.04 No other positions
292234 Marker 45.53 No other positions
292336 Marker 46.14 No other positions
292754 Marker 48.48 No other positions
294245 Marker 49.92 No other positions
292114 Marker 51.20 No other positions
mMECIR570 Marker 56.48 Banana - physical_map - chr8 mMECIR570 Marker Musa 26,344,622.00 - 26,345,252.00 (bp) Automated name-based View Maps
Banana - AF_PAHANG - LG08 mMECIR570 Marker 41.07 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
302119 Marker 56.76 No other positions
299904 Marker 75.61 No other positions
292137 Marker 94.87 No other positions
mMECIR518 Marker 98.42 No other positions
mMaCIR229 Marker 99.27 No other positions
295675 Marker 103.71 No other positions
301766 Marker 105.00 No other positions
302724 Marker 105.01 No other positions
mMECIR559 Marker 105.56 No other positions
mMaCIR113 Marker 109.36 No other positions
282876 Marker 109.68 No other positions
mMECIR547 Marker 118.12 No other positions
294364 Marker 120.52 No other positions
mMaCIR44 Marker 0.00 Banana - M53 - LinkageGroup11 mMaCIR44 Marker 14.30 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
mMECIR620 Marker 11.18 No other positions
300238 Marker 28.17 No other positions
291015 Marker 33.50 No other positions
mMaCIR40 Marker 45.54 Banana - AF_PAHANG - LG08 mMaCIR0040 Marker 32.28 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
Banana - AFCAM - LinkageGroup1 mMaCIR40 Marker 2.30 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
Banana - physical_map - chr8 mMaCIR0040 Marker Musa 11,423,344.00 - 11,423,811.00 (bp) Automated name-based View Maps